Twat Me

I am officially a twat. I think that is the word for it, someone who is on twitter. Anyways, yesterday evening I decided to rejoin the twittersphere after an almost two-year long break. As my most immediate goal right now is to rekindle my passion for writing, I of course started looking for some interesting authors to follow, especially of the “up-and-coming” variety. But as I did, I noticed a surprising lack of male hopeful authors. Perhaps a quarter were men, and most of them were only using it as a tool for self promotion, making them completely uninteresting for someone like me that is more interested in the interaction aspect. Not that I am complaining, gender is completely irrelevant (at least in this situation), but I did find it somewhat intriguing. Trying to figure out answers to small everyday “mysteries” like that is always fun. Keeps the ole noggin entertained.