Lesson (Not) Learned

Humans are stupid creatures. We quite often do things that we don’t like, even when we don’t have to. Fully aware that we will end up being angry, or upset, or just generally annoyed, we go ahead and do it all the same. A sort of emotional masochism, if you will. For me, that is Facebook.

Late last night I logged in, something I do only on rare occasions. Usually I try to stay clear because I find it rather tedious – I mean, how many pictures of pets can you look at before you start hating your friends? – but every now and then I pop in to check for messages and have a quick look around. Last night was one such night.

Someone had posted an article about the French election. It was nothing controversial at all, just a simple breakdown of the vote distribution between the candidates, and between the provinces. I had a quick read, and then took a gander at the comments. It was the usual idiocy, just like what you find on any article that is even remotely political: some hailing him as some sort of messiah, some going on about how he would turn the country muslim, interspersed with the usual jewish conspiracy theories. The usual stuff.

But what caught my eye were the ones complaining about how he hadn’t accomplished anything. And not in the sense that his career achievements were lacking. No, they were complaining that he had yet to do anything worthwhile as a president. Three days after election. No triumphant deed in 72 hours was enough to dismiss him as a failure. Things like that always manage to annoy, as well as amaze, me. How someone can be such an ideologue as to hate on someone or something with such fervor that even the slightest semblance of logic has vanished completely. And they weren’t even French. They were Americans. This kind of dogmatic extremism that seems to become more and more prevalent in Americans is something I find very frightening. It exist in Europe and the rest of the world as well, of course, but I have never seen it to this degree on this side of the pond, not this kind of vitriolic hatred just for the sake of hatred. It is unsettling, to say the least.

I think I better stop my ranting now, before it spirals out of control. There will most certainly be opportunities for more of that kind in the future, because knowing me, I will no doubt find myself screaming at the scream over some mind-numbingly moronic comment soon enough. Because not only are we stupid, we are slow learners as well.