Twat Me

I am officially a twat. I think that is the word for it, someone who is on twitter. Anyways, yesterday evening I decided to rejoin the twittersphere after an almost two-year long break. As my most immediate goal right now is to rekindle my passion for writing, I of course started looking for some interesting authors to follow, especially of the “up-and-coming” variety. But as I did, I noticed a surprising lack of male hopeful authors. Perhaps a quarter were men, and most of them were only using it as a tool for self promotion, making them completely uninteresting for someone like me that is more interested in the interaction aspect. Not that I am complaining, gender is completely irrelevant (at least in this situation), but I did find it somewhat intriguing. Trying to figure out answers to small everyday “mysteries” like that is always fun. Keeps the ole noggin entertained.

Sports Team Wins Sports Game!

Warning: the following text may contain traces of national pride.

I have never been much of a sports fan. The only thing I watch with any regularity is national team football (or soccer as some heathens choose to call it), specifically the World Cup, and the Euro Cup. But every now and then I sit down to enjoy some hockey as well. And this year I just so happened to remember there was a world championship going on, so I actually watched most of Sweden’s game all through the tournament. And wouldn’t you know. Sweden actually won the gold. That means we are better than you, you, you, and you. And you as well.

But seriously though, it was a good game. Canada played very well, and it was an even game. If it hadn’t been for the swedish goalie, things could have turned out very differently. So, congrats, boys. Well played.

John Cleese

For the past few days I have been watching various talks with Monty Python members from later years, especially ones with John Cleese. They have all been quite interesting, and surprisingly so. I have always been a fan of the man’s comedy, but I was unaware of his keen intellect. I wish I will be as sharp and witty as him when I get to be in my 70’s.