Well, that certainly wasn’t the greatest of games. Both teams performed quite poorly. England just happened to perform slightly less poorly, almost entirely thanks to their goalie. Without him it would have been a completely different game. But I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much. Making it to the quarter finals was more than anyone believed beforehand. Just too bad we had to be eliminated in such an anticlimactic way. Oh well, only four years till the next World Cup.



Tomorrow is the day! Sweden versus England in the World Cup quarter finals. Exciting stuff. I would say that England are slight favourites, but it is far from an impossible task. We’re gonna thrash those limey bastards! To be honest, I don’t care all that much if we win or lose, just as long as we play well. Clearly I suck at being a nationalist. Oh well. In a little over 12 hours we will see just how nationalistic I will feel.



Wow. Almost two months since my last post. I am so sorry for forgetting you, dear blog, but I promise that I had my reasons. They may not be good reasons, or even sensible reasons, but they are reasons nonetheless. Without boring you to death with details, let us just say that I got a wee bit fed up with social media, so I decided to take a break. A break that perhaps became slightly longer than intended. Though I must say that I don’t exactly¬†consider that a bad thing. I have noticed that taking a break every now and then is rather healthy for me to do. But what then did I do these past seven weeks or so, you ask. Well, I’ve been nerding out with a computer game. And here starts my shameless plug.

The game in question is called Conan Exiles, and as the name suggests, it is based on the world of Conan as written by Robert E. Howard. And I think it is gorgeous. Every now and then I just have to stop and take a screenshot. Just look at this:

This was actually my second time buying the game. The first time was almost a year ago when the game was in early access, but as my potato computer couldn’t handle it, I ended up refunding the game. It was just by sheer luck that I noticed that it was about to be fully released, and as I now had a far more powerful computer, I immediately bought it. Again. And I’m loving it. Been playing it an almost obscene amount. You gather resources, craft weapons and armour and a myriad of other object, build buildings, and run off on adventures. Personally I enjoy the building the most. There are some really cool things you can create, anything from small huts to big castles, or even whole towns if you want. The only downside is that none of my friends own the game, so I can’t play with anyone. There are of course other players online, but that is not the same thing.

Well anyways, there you have it. That is my reason for the prolonged silence. Told you my reasons would be bad.

P.S. As the Football World Cup starts tomorrow, I would like to apologize in advance for the inevitable sports posts the coming month.



Writing is hard, you guys!

The story I am working on at the moment is slowly going forward. At a snail’s pace, no doubt, but forward nonetheless. Until I ran into something of a snag, that is. Mr Protagonist returns to his hometown, a place he has avoided like the plague for many years, to attend his father’s funeral. He stays out of sight in the background, disinterested in meeting any of his relatives. He listens to the equally disinterested priest spew platitudes for a while before quietly leaving. Later he watches the burial, again staying out of sight. When the few other attendees have sauntered off, leaving only his mother, he finally makes his presence known and the macabre tale begins.

So far, so good. If it wasn’t for that pesky little snag. The thing is that his father is already dead. A large part of the story revolves around Mr Protagonist attending his father’s funeral as a child, where he is approached by a mysterious stranger who will come back to haunt Mr Protagonist when he returns back home as an adult. So essentially, the entire beginning will have to be scrapped. I feel rather annoyed with myself for forgetting this rather crucial part of the story. This is why sane writers create a proper outline beforehand, instead of trying to keep the bulk of the story in their head. Back to square one it is then. Oh well. At least I realised my mistake early on.



Damn it! It has been a whole week since my last blog post. More, even. I should be ashamed of myself. In my defence, there have been other things on my mind lately, things of a more personal nature. But still. Shame.

And it is not just the blog that has been neglected, I have been quite remiss in regards to my writing as well. After some initial hesitation, I now know what I want to write, but I simply cannot get started. The past weekend was supposed to be dedicated to writing, but it turned out to be anything but. There seems to be some sort of disconnect between brain and fingers. I know what I want to purvey, but not how to do it. The words remain tauntingly elusive.

Hopefully this short rant will help me organize my thoughts. A new weekend is just around the corner, and writing surely needs to be done.



Man, what a birthday I had. I ate cake, played some computer games, then went to bed. I am a party animal!

In other news, I feel I am just about ready to start this whole writing malarkey again. I still haven’t decided which of the two story ideas to run with, but I have come up with an ingenious plan to circumvent that problem. I’m going to explain the ideas to five people and ask which one they prefer.¬†Ok, not exactly ingenious. More simplistic than anything, but if it gets the job done, there’s no reason to complain. And it also has the added bonus that I can blame them if the story turns out to be crap. I’ll ask them before the weekend so I can get started as soon as possible. You hear that, brain? This weekend is writing time!



Today is not just any old day. No, today is yours truly’s birthday. That means I will “have” to bake a cake. I quite enjoy baking, but I don’t do it nearly enough. That may have something to do with the fact that I don’t really care for cakes and cookies and what have you, so anything I make will end up in the gob of others. Oh well. No time for dilly-dallying. Now I’m off to the kitchen.