A picture is worth a thousand words. So with this three-pictures-in-one picture, I am already up to 3000+ words. That is not a bad start at all, if you ask me.

As anyone can see, I am quite the renaissance man. I can take selfies of the black and white variety, sit closed-eyed in the sun, as well as enjoy a delicious bloody mary, all with little to no effort. In a pinch, I am even capable of doing all three at once. Probably.

Being rubbish at talking about myself, here follows instead a list of facts about yours truly. That also has the added benefit of curtailing my chronic verbosity.

  • Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Depending on political leanings, that means that I live in either a socialist utopia, or a communist hellhole. I will leave that distinction up to you.
  • Literature is my passion, both reading and writing. Or as I like to describe myself: an avid reader and a sporadic writer.
  • History holds a big fascination with me. I love reading history books, and watching history documentaries. If you plant me in front of a TV when a show like for example Time Team is on, I will be a happy camper indeed.
  • I thoroughly enjoy cooking. Even if the result may not always be the all that aesthetically pleasing, it sure does taste great. Or so I have been told.
  • No pets, though I like animals very much. Love Attenborough.
  • Don’t drink coffee. Can’t stand the stuff.
  • Insufferable know-it-all.

There. Nailed it.

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