Progress Update: Week #6

As hinted in the previous post, this week has been abysmal in terms of writing. But I have come to a conclusion, namely to focus on one story. That story is my latest one, which started as more of an excercise to be honest. It is post apocalyptic with a touch of horror and supernatural. For some reason it really grabbed me, and I feel a real need to know how it ends. It is a discovery type story, meaning I have little to none outline. In fact, the only thing I started with was that its setting was post apocalypse, and the main character was an older man. Everything past that has been a discovery for me. Anyways, here are the numbers. Abysmal indeed.

Victorian Horror: 5,207 words (+0)
Urban Supernatural: 8,806 words (±0)
Dystopian SciFi: 1,671 words (±0)
Urban Horror: 508 words (±0)
Epic Fantasy: 5,155 words (±0)
Post Apocalypse: 2,578 words (+1,742)

Total: 23,925 words (+1,742)


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