Progress Update: Week #5

This past week has seen very little writing. Almost embarrassingly so. I have been feeling a bit under the weather, sleeping like crazy on the oddest hours, and lacking in energy all day. Perhaps I am coming down with something. But it will pass soon enough, and then we will clamber back on that bucking horse of writing. I did manage to start a new story, though. I mean, we didn’t have enough of those already. It’s a post apocalypse story, but instead of the usual zombies or aliens causing the fall of civilization, this is more of an opening the gates of hell sort of deal. Didn’t write all that much, but it is the one story that takes the most of my imagination and planning at the moment. The numbers are quite abysmal, but we will regain the momentum before long, just you wait and see.

Victorian Horror: 5,207 words (+95)
Urban Supernatural: 8,806 words (±0)
Dystopian SciFi: 1,671 words (±0)
Urban Horror: 508 words (±0)
Epic Fantasy: 5,155 words (±0)
Post Apocalypse: 836 words (+836)

Total: 22,183 words (+931)


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