Progress Update: Week #4

I recently realised that I have been posting my weekly progress updates on the wrong day, technically speaking. They have all been posted some time after midnight, making each update’s time stamp Tuesday, and not Monday as intended. This of course makes no real difference, but all the same it is one of those little things that always tend to bother me. So from now on I will try to post these before midnight, thereby avoiding any such future glaring eyesores. So how was this week’s writing then? Not too shabby if I say so myself. As a slow and meticulous writer, these numbers are about as good as I can hope for.

Victorian Horror: 5,112 words (+379 words)
Urban Supernatural: 8,806 words (+3,807 words)
Dystopian SciFi: 1,671 words (±0)
Urban Horror: 508 words (+251 words)
Epic Fantasy: 5,155 words (+2,046 words)

Total: 21,252 words (+6,483 words)


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